USZA – United States Zoological Association

The purpose of this organization is to support and unite the commercial zoos, breeders, private owners, and sanctuaries into a professional networking system that fosters education sharing and is dedicated to protecting and caring for exotic animals.

Through outreach we can conserve endangered animals in both captivity and in the wild and help raise awareness of the dangers to wild habitats that may lead to the extinction of some species. The USZA – We are “united” animal lovers from over 50 countries.

New USDA Requirements on Big Cat Caging

The USDA has not made it a rule that you have to raise your cages to any height. If your cat was to escape or get out you would then be in violation of not “containing” your cat. There has been talk that there will be a new requirement coming out soon.

Our Outreach Program is moving to Panana

Part of our mission is to educate, reach out to others and help them to become the professionals they want to be. Help us raise $1500 toward our teach a vet program. We will bring a vet to the United States from Panama for two weeks so he can learn hands on from other vets and professionals about how to properly care for exotics in his own country.

Feed the Animals across America

Thanks to this program, animals across America are being fed for free. Special thanks goes out to Joe Scriebvogel and the USZA for teaming up with LDI to provide free meat and produce to zoos and sanctuaries and private breeders nationwide.

Help Make a Wish Come True for a Dying Child. Donate Today to the USZA’s Animal Miracle Network

Information on health, fire, reactivity and environmental. How to work safely with chemical products.

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