It’s What We Do Everyday

The zoo has never said no to any animal in need. Some of the most crazy and wild rescues have been performed by the team hear at the zoo. No animal is too big or too small for this team of animal warriors to try to save.

The zoo team has performed the largest one rescue of Tigers ever in the United States with all 42 tigers at one time coming to the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood Oklahoma.

You would have to come see and hear the stories to believe it yourself our team rescues anything from anywhere.

Now as most Sanctuaries put on their websites all of the sad stories of rescues just to raise money from you the general public, we would like to educate you on a big difference between rescues and re-homes.

Rescues are an animal that is beat, abuses, starved or neglected and has just a matter of days before it dies and needs rescued. Or an animal that finds itself in a situation that is detrimental to the life of the animal like being stuck in a pond, hit by a car or trapped somewhere.

Re-homes is just what it says. Re-home. Many Sanctuaries like to take a re-home and put it on their website that they had to save this animal from abuse such as a private home or someone that had a tiger or other animal in their back yard. Re-homes are just an animal that needs to be moved to a new facility due to laws changing or the owner just can not care for it any longer due to many reasons but the animal is healthy and does not need rescued.

This is very common in today’s world with the laws changing and animals needing a place to live. But don’t be fooled or mislead into believing they need thousands of dollars to re-home an animal. They take them in because they want to not because they have to.