Courses and Certifications Offered by The USZA

Certified Handler Program

With the United States Zoological Association‘s certified handler program you, your staff and/or volunteers can become a Certified Handler of various species. There is a two (2) year minimum requirement of verifiable hands on experience with a USDA licensed facility and a certificate of completion of the USZA’s eight (8) hour husbandry course in order to complete this certified handler program.

Certified Handler Courses are offered for the following species:

→ Large Carnivores

→ Omnivores

→ Herbivores

→ Exotic Birds

→ Reptiles/Amphibians

→ Small Mammals

→ Nonhuman Primates

→ Hoof Stock

All Certified Handler Courses Include

→ Dietary Requirements

→ Proper Caging and Environment

→  Enclosures and Safety Features

→  Capture and Restraint

→ Safe Transport

→  Basic Health Care

→ Enrichment

→  Emergency Protocols/Safety

The next class will be at the end of winter and will be held in Oklahoma. The fee for the course is $100 per person for a 3 day full species certification. Class will include partial accommodations and or camping/RV hook ups.

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