About the United States Zoological Association

Welcome to the United States Zoological Association. Together we can make the animal industry a much more productive and professional industry. The United States Zoological Association has “united” animal lovers in over 57 Foreign Countries.

The purpose of this organization is to support and unite the commercial zoos, breeders, private owners, and sanctuaries into a networking program to further educate each other and create professionalism within the animal industry. This will give us the credibility we need to work strongly with the lawmakers, to further their education about the exotic and alternative animal owners, and show them we can be responsible and professional.

Through conservation, education and outreach we can conserve endangered animals in both captivity and in the wild and help raise awareness of the dangers to wild habitats that may lead to the extinction of some species.

Through our relationship with the other orginazations in the industry our goal is to stop total banning legislation from becoming law and protect exotic and alternative animal ownership through fair regulation at both the state and federal levels. We can be professional and keep our rights.

Over the years many Organizations have been formed individually to bring together zoos, breeders, dealers, private owners and sanctuaries but never all into one organization. The USZA has organized a board of directors who are from a diversified group of people with a combination of over 115 years of experience. Their goal is to join and unite every exotic or alternative animal owner and lover into one group called the United States Zoological Association.

The USZA has over 2 million supporters in 57 countries that we can call on for support.

With the professional certified handlers programs, accreditation programs, a one of a kind buy/share/free program, husbandry courses, newsletters, our annual convention and many other programs, you as a member will benefit from becoming a part of the fastest growing exotic and alternative animal organization in the US.

We promise to work for you, our members, and avoid the politics that play havoc in some of the other animal related organizations you may have been involved with in the past.

USZA in the News

Tiger Enthusiast, Joe Exotic, to Build New Pool for Tony, the Truck Stop Tiger
Posted: Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 6:15 pm // Updated: 10:10 am on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gross Tete, LA (NBC33) — He’s a tiger advocate, a country singer and a soon to be reality tv star – Joe Exotic visited the Tiger Truck Stop today to rally in support of keeping Tony the Tiger in his home.

Along with the United Zoological Association, Exotic is constructing a brand new pool for Tony at the truck stop.

He feels very strongly about Tony’s fight and hopes he gets to stay at the Tiger Truck Stop.

“I have many many tigers of my own in Oklahoma,” stated Exotic. “If they were to move this tiger, I think it would be more detrimental to the tiger’s depression and being moved at the age that he’s at.

This is Joe Exotic’s third visit to the truck stop.

Yesterday, they had a huge turn out for his visit, and the petition keep Tony home is constantly growing.
USZA Appealing for Help to Save 31 Exotic Animals from Death
The United States Zoological Association, along with Joe Exotic and the G.W. Interactive Zoo, is appealing for help from the public to try and save 31 exotic animals from being euthanized unnecessarily.

Wynnewood, OK (SBWIRE) 07/15/2013 — An urgent appeal has been launched by the United States Zoological Association, which has teamed up with Joe Exotic and the G.W. Interactive Zoo in a bid to stop 31 exotic animals set to be euthanized from being killed unnecessarily. The animals that are at threat of being killed include nine tigers, six bears, eight wolves, three bobcats, a lemur, a mountain lion, and African lion, and two lynx.

The who’s, what’s and why’s of the situation have been highlighted by the USZA in a number of ways, but continued increases awareness and funding is vital at this stage according those involved in the rescue. Changes in some state laws have resulted in the private ownership of these animals, which was previously allowed, being banned. However, while the laws in certain states have been changed by the government, no resources or measures have been put into place to get the animals re-homed elsewhere or moved to other states.

This appeal by the United States Zoological Association is aimed at raising awareness of the issue and helping to raise funds in order to get the endangered animals moved to the GW Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. This is the second biggest rescue in the history of the association, and will involve the rescue of these animals from across three different states.

The money raised will enable the association to arrange for the 31 animals to be transferred to the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoo, which is the world’s largest tiger sanctuary that is open to the public. The zoo is known for sending out viral videos by the G.W. Zoo, such as Bonedigger and Milo. However, its mission on this occasion is a far more serious one that is centered around saving the lives of animals.

A representative from the United States Zoological Association said: “This is an urgent appeal and we urge the public to get behind us to help us save the lives of these animals. Over thirty exotic animals could be destroyed unnecessarily because of changes to state laws, and this appeal is aimed at stopping this and ensuring that the animals find a safe, new home at the GW Zoo in Wynnewood.”

To make a donation for this appeal, please visit donatezoorescues.usza.us.

About the United States Zoological Association
The United States Zoological Association is an organization that provides support to commercial zoos, breeders, and private owners of exotic animals. It also aims to educate people and protect animals.

Contact information
United States Zoological Association
25803 N. County Rd 3250
Wynnewood, Oklahoma 73098
United States
Phone Number: (405) 665-5197

Joe Exotic Raises 5k For Anti-Rhino Poaching In South Africa
Hollywood CA (PRBuzz.com) July 2, 2013 — South Africa is ramped with Rhino Poaching of 367 rhinos this year alone and Mozambique recently lost its last 15 rhinos due to their horns being cut off while left to bleed to death.

Joe Exotic along with Bonedigger and Milo the famous trio, wanted to step up and help. So he set out on a mission to sign autographs for $10.00 each in an effort to raise $5,000.00 that would be sent to an organization that specializes in anti-poaching efforts. The June 2013 issue of Hollywood Magazine featured Joe Exotic on the front cover and with this, he got started on his mission. Through the fundraising efforts and help from the United States Zoological Association who kept the funds until he reached his goal, several ink pens and many autographs later, he had reached his goal.

“During the whole process I got many requests from organizations out of the country wanting to receive the funds,” says Joe. “But, not knowing any of them personally, who do you trust giving the money to and be sure it really goes to the rhinos?” he asked. Joe then began searching for the right organization who would help the rhinos. It was through a college that actually travels to Africa each year being involved in real conservation, that the choice was made to have the United States Zoological Association write the $5,000.00 dollar check to the Rare Species Fund who will deliver the money to Stop Rhino Poaching at a www.stoprhinopoaching.com.

“My next project is to raise $5,000.00 and find an organization to help stop the tiger slaughtering in China. But I’m not stopping there,” he said. “After that I’m going on to raise money to help protect Orangutans in Borneo and so on,” he stated.

“I would like to thank the people of the world who trusted me enough to get an autograph picture to help save rhinos, along with the United States Zoological Association, The Rare Species Fund, and Hollywood Weekly Magazine,”Joe finished saying.

To help with Joe Exotic’s next project of saving China’s tigers you can go to www.donateoklahoma.usza.us.

United States Zoological Association Re-Homes 4 Tigers, and Allows Former Owner a Way to Reunite
Former tiger owner gets a once in a lifetime chance to be reunited with her sight impaired tiger. Team USZA takes her along with them as they set out to rehome Angel and 3 other tigers to the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood, Ok. A mission from the heart.

Wynnewood, OK (24-7PressRelease) September 13, 2012 — After a long battle with the United States Department of Agriculture and the City of Riverview Wisconsin, the Lakewood Zoo had to call it quits and close their doors. What did this mean to the animals of Lakewood? They all had to be moved and find somewhere else to live.

me and time again we have seen this happen with changing laws and animal rights organizations causing problems for private owners, zoos and sanctuaries. “Changing laws is the easy part”, said Joe Schreibvogel, President of the USZA. “Finding homes and the money to transport is the biggest problem, but lawmakers don’t take that into consideration when changing a law or, in this case, making an ordinance. “Where is, Wayne Pacelle, and the Humane Society, with their checkbook to help these animals in need?” Joe asked. Nowhere, it’s up to us, once again, to step up and help the animals and the former owners.

Team USZA rallied together to raise the nearly $2,000.00 it took to transport these four tigers from Wisconsin back to the Oklahoma refuge for exotic animals. The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park in Wynnewood Oklahoma, the world’s largest accredited facility for big cats, stepped up with the vehicles and equipment to make the trip and bring the cats to safety.

This re-home is one of the best the USZA has ever done in heart, as one of the white Bengal tigers is special to a supporter of the USZA, Barbara Hoffman. Angel, a 9-year-old white Bengal tiger, use to be hers before having trouble with the county she lived in herself resulting in her having to place the tiger in a sanctuary. Now it is time for him to move once again. With the G.W. Interactive Zoological Park 1,100 miles closer to the Hoffman residence, Barbara will now be able to go visit and see Angel more often, leaving the tiger with the glow in his eyes he once had from seeing his mom once again.

There were 3 other tigers lucky enough to be transported in this re-home, one white female Bengal Tiger and 2 standard Bengal Tigers. The re-home will be part of a half hour show scheduled to be aired 50 times in 41 million households showing the world what we have to do in order to save the tigers of our planet. If you would like to follow their story, find us on Facebook on the Team USZA page, or if you’d like to help save the tigers please donate or join the USZA today.

The United States Zoological Association is devoted to helping responsible owners with their animals. Whether wild, exotic, domestic or farm animals, we’ll help fight for your rights to keep them and stand against the proposed ban laws sweeping the country. If you’re a responsible animal owner, then the USZA is the place to be. Become a member of the USZA at www.usza.us.

Animal Farm Makes Fixes, Awaits USDA Visit; USDA to Return Soon to Inspect
Posted: Monday, February 6, 2012 at 11:45 am // Updated: 11:18 am on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

With the help of about 90 volunteers, D&D Farm Animal Rescue in north Columbia completed work by yesterday’s deadline to rectify 15 violations cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

If the violations weren’t corrected in time, the animals could have been taken away and possibly euthanized. The USDA could come out at any time in the next few days to do a follow-up inspection, D&D co-owner Deb Tolentino said.

The swarm of volunteers who showed up to help reminded Tolentino of the final moments of the film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Tolentino said with a swell of emotion. “I couldn’t believe the community that came out of the woodwork to help us,” she said. “It was fabulous.”

The USDA cited a need to improve the structure of enclosures, replace rusty parts and add more outdoor shelters at D&D, which houses tigers, lions, cougars and other exotic animals. The sanctuary had been correcting smaller USDA violations for about a year for issues including unclean water bowls or excessive pests such as flies. Typically, those could be fixed the day of the inspection, Dale Tolentino said.

For the new, larger issues, the USDA gave D&D only a few days to correct the problems. Meeting that deadline would not have been possible without volunteer help, Deb Tolentino said.

“I’m proud of Columbia. They just did so good,” she said. “We thank them with all of our hearts.”

One of the biggest helping hands came from Joe Schreibvogel, president of the U.S. Zoological Association, who brought about 30 volunteers Friday. All the violations had been corrected by the time the group left Friday when it began to rain, with the exception of heightening the cage for male lion Aslan, which was done yesterday.

Schreibvogel said there are some issues the sanctuary still needs to work on, such as caging and cosmetic problems, with the underlying issue being having too many animals for the amount of staff. But none of the violations, he said, puts the animals’ health at risk.

Schreibvogel, who is from Oklahoma, said he plans to visit the sanctuary every six months to make sure it’s complying.

“I think they’ve got a future as long as they’re willing to keep moving forward with progress and not let themselves get in the position they were in,” he said.

More volunteers would be helpful, Schreibvogel said. He also would like to see the farm find foster homes for some of the domestic dogs and cats that live on the property and in the house. Those interested in volunteering can call 573-446-0648.